My Curriculum Vitae

Personal Data
Name: Uldis Valneris

Me and my son

Me and my son

Age: 39
Birth date 04-18-1972, Riga, USSR (Latvia)
Sex: Male
Present living place: Riga, Latvia
Contact telephone: +371 22185443
Native language: Latvian
Level of education: Master of science
Current job status: Working at AKZ as IT senior manager
International work experience: Yes
39 year old male, Master of Computer Science degree. Looking for a job as senior IT manager, IT project manager, Software architect or Senior software developer . Currently working full time in one of largest Latvian wood production company as IT senior manager. Due to health problems of one of my family members, looking for a IT executive/Software development job in USA, UK or Germany. Large experience in various IT client-server project implementations and software development with agile methodology and UML.More information about largest software projects I’ve made is here.
Secondary Education
Riga 7-th midlschool (Latvia)
Period of studies: 1979-1990
Higher Education
Riga Technical University Latvia
Major: 1997 – 2001, Information Sciences
Additional information: Studies at RTU doctoral programme, but did not finished because of large amount of job at my workplace.
Riga Technical University Latvia Master
Major: 1994 – 1996, Information Sciences
Riga Technical University Latvia Bachelor
Major: 1990 – 1994, Information Systems
Work Experience
05-2009 – Still working AKZ Ltd IT Development Manager
Tasks/assignments: IT management, project management, IT development, IT decisions, telecomunications, production IT management and support.
Main accomplishments: Have made IT infrastructure from zero: Planning, implementation and realisation.
Additional information: Owners of AKZ ltd. partly took management stuff from Nelss Timber Trading Division.
Company data: Industry / Production, private enterprise, 100-500 employees
07/1997 – 05/2009 Nelss Ltd. IT department director
Tasks/assignments: IT management, IT team management, planning, project management, IT development, IT decisions, programming, telecomunications, project implementation. Large inhouse distributed ERP/manufacturing applications in C#, SQL 2000, 2005.
Main accomplishments: Have made IT infrastructure at lumber production divison: Network, real time ERP system with a SQL servers and replications.
Reason for leaving: Company ran in backrupcy.
Company data: Industry / Production, private enterprise, > 500 employees
07/1996 – 07/1997 Vaive Ltd. Project Manager (IT)
Tasks/assignments: Creation and implementation of Internet projects and WEB application development.
Reason for leaving: As we did not get into market share, there were no chance of advance at that company.
Company data: Computers / IT / Internet, private enterprise, < 30 employees
01/1996 – 08/1996 Augstceltne Ltd. Manager (IT)
Tasks/assignments: Senior programming engineer: Application softare development, Gasoline station IT infrastructure creation and management. Database (FoxPro) project creation and management.
Company data: Trade (wholesale), private enterprise, 100-500 employees
08/1992 – 06/1996 Hotel Ridzene Project Manager (IT)
Tasks/assignments: IT manager. Creation of local network, internet. WEB design, WEB application design, systems administration, application programming.
Main accomplishments: At the hotel we made first Hotel internet access point.
Reason for leaving: More responsible job at Augstceltne Ltd.
Company data: Hotel Management, government-owned enterprise, 30-100 employees
Additional Information About Work Experience
Earlier work-related accomplishments: IT infrastructure creation. Internet related project management. Software development. IT team management.
The most interesting assignment: IT executive manager in one of the largest latvian company (more than 900 employees).
The least interesting assignment: IT development manager in Augstceltne Ltd.
The greatest failure: My third Internet project at 1995 – we could not finish a small project, because at that time I did not know how to do that, and couldn’t get any help.
The greatest success: Client-server application project, that I designed and great part also programmed – multiple SQL servers in diferent cities connected via replication system. It is sawmill stock and manfuacturing system capable of tracking logs even after dissolving a log poackage into others.
Economic interests: Advance in a career.
Language Skills
English Speaking: good Writing: good Understanding: excellent
Russian Speaking: average Writing: average Understanding: excellent
Computer Skills
Basic level Assembler, Delphi, Java, MFC
Medium level AutoCAD, Bourne, MS PowerPoint, MS Project, MS Vis.InterDev, Pascal, Sendmail, Star Office Spreadsheet, Star Office Word processing, XML, XSL
Specialist level Windows CE, CSS, JavaScript
Expert level Access, Active Server Pages, ADO, Apache Server, C, C#, C++, FoxPro, HTML, Linux, MS Excel, MS Exchange, MS Exchange Server, MS IIS, MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, MS SQL Server, MS Word, MySQL, PHP, SMTP, SQL, TCP/IP, Visual Basic, Windows 2000, Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Requirements For Future Job
First preference Information technology, position: Top Level Manager
Preferred occupations (1): Assistant (IT), Computer Engineer (Software), Computer Programmer, Computer Support Servicer, Computer Systems Administrator, Computer Systems Analyst, Computer Systems Auditor, Data Security Expert, Database Analyst, GIS Projector, Information System Projector, IT Development Manager, IT Development Specialist, IT Specialist, Project Manager (IT), Software Adviser, Software Developer, System Designer, WWW Project Manager
Suitable working time: Full-time work
Description of suitable tasks: IT infrastructure administration, IT project development, Software development, IT consultations
Description of Suitable Enterprise
Enterprise type: private enterprise, government-owned enterprise, international enterprise, public institute
Industry: Journalism / Media, Computers / IT / Internet, Construction / Projection, Electronics / Engineering, Energetics / Electricity, Finance, Education, Hotel Management, Trade (wholesale), Trade (retail), Insurance, Real Estate, Consultation Services, Training, Culture / Art, Medicine / Health Care / Social Care, Entertainment, Agriculture, State Administration, Service Industry, Telecommunications, Catering, Transport, Tourism, Marketing, Security, Industry / Production
Location: United States, United Kingdom, Germany
Additional Info About Future Job
Availability for starting work: Negotiable
Availability for business trips: Yes
Drivers Licence
Obtained categories: B (valid in European Union)
Licence since: 1994
Arnis Ziverts Augstceltne Ltd. Vicepresident
Telephone: 67027117
Relationship with reference: Previous employer
Juris Skuskovniks Nelss Ltd. Financial director
Relationship with reference: Previous employer
Maris Gulbis Former Hotel Ridzene Director
Relationship with reference: Previous employer
Additional Information me
Personal qualities: Communicative, hardly to hurt, cheerful. Have an own viewpoint.
Strengths: Capability to finish something started, even if it looks impossible. Able to work in a team, and also be leader of it.
Weaknesses: Sometimes too soft for a somebody else mistakes.

E-Ear transcriber system

E-Ear – sound/voice recording software project specialised for doctors – includes two part software – Dictator programm – Windows .NET/Native code mixed software that integrates into Windows and can be used to record voice messages at the same time when doctor makes decisions about patient at the computer or in cabinet. SDecodn part called Transcriber software – that lets transcription people transcribe recordings and integrates with transcriber pedals or dictaphone devices.

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Completed software projects portfolio

Here is a short list of recent and older major success projects I’ve designed and developed.
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TimRes – timber Enterprise Resource Planning software

TimRes is a Lumber Mill and Wood production Enterprise Software suite – log and package production and full live cycle. Software for large lumber enterprises – Includes multilevel user security, full life cycle tracking, multiple distinct factories and warehouses. Implemented for Microsoft Windows Platform with C# Forms (.NET Framework 2.0) and Microsoft SQL Server 2005.
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